While tile is easy to care for and is extremely durable, it does require some care and maintenance to keep it looking and performing well for years to come. Read on to learn more about tile care and maintenance as well as proper cleaning techniques and stain removal tips. 

Daily care and maintenance

Start by investing in doormats and encourage guests to remove shoes before walking across your flooring. You may also consider using furniture protectors and area rugs to further protect your tile from scratches and normal wear from heavy traffic. For regular care. be sure to vacuum and mop your tile. Use hard-surface cleaning products as needed, too, but first make sure that they are manufacturer-approved and will not dull your tile's surface.

Dealing with spills and messes

For common household spills and messes like water, wine, and pet accidents, immediately wipe away or mop clean. Tile and stone flooring surfaces can get very slippery when wet, so it’s important to keep your tile and stone flooring as dry as possible. Avoid products that contain acids, vinegars, chlorine and ammonia, as these cleaning chemicals can actually damage or discolor the grout or surfaces of your tile and stone flooring. Click here to learn more.

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